Cancellation Policies & Money Refund

1. Cancellations

1.1 Registration fee is non-refundable in any case.
2.1 Only for cancellations notified at least 7 days before the start of classes will be refunded 100% of the payment for classes.
3.1 Cancellations within 7 days prior to the start of classes will not be refunded.
4.1 Only in cases of force majeure such as illness or accident will money be reimbursed. In order to do this, the student must present a medical report or a document that certifies it.
5.1 When the lessons are private and the student is not satisfied with the teacher or what he is being taught, he is given the following options:
 A) Talk to the teacher and change the methodology.
 B) If they do not reach an agreement with the teacher, the option is given to change the teacher if another one is available.

6.1 When lessons are in a group and the student is not satisfied with what is being taught in the lessons, he/she is given the following options:
 A) Change group.
 B) Switch to private lessons, but for this you must provide a signed document with the reasons why you did not like group classes and with the specific topics you want to study in private lessons. In addition, your lessons are subject to the availability of the teachers.

 7.1 The changes of group by request of the student are only carried out the same day of having begun the lessons so that the following day already begins in his new group. The student will not be able to change groups more than 2 times. If the teachers deem it necessary to change the student of the group, the student will be seen to comment before making the change.

2. Recovery of classes.

Classes will take in the day and hours agreed at the time of booking.
a) If for any reason the teacher does not perform the class, will be made up at a time agreed by both parties; if it is not possible to make up lost hours will be refunded the money for the class.
b) If the student does not arrive at the scheduled time without notice, the student will be waited on for 10 minutes. If the student does not arrive, there will be no recovery or refunds.
c) Any change in the schedule of group classes should be reported as soon as possible to the secretariats through the teacher. (exceptions only)
d) Any change in the schedule of private classes should be discussed and coordinated with the teacher and reported to the secretaries immediately. This will only be possible if the teacher has time for it.