Cancellation Policies


1. In case of cancellation before arrival:
  More than 10 days before arrival: free of charge
  10 days or less before arrival: $50 for Spanish lessons + $50 for accommodation
  No-show without notice: 100%

2. In case of early departure:
  In case of early departure, the remaining course and accomodation fees will not be refunded in cash, but as a transferable voucher that can be used for all services provided by Spanish School Pura Vida (which includes also online classes).


Classes will take place the day and time agreed upon of booking.
1. If for any reason the teacher cannot perform the class, it will be made up at another time agreed by both parties.

2. If the student does not arrive at the scheduled time without notice, he/she will be waited for 15 minutes. In case of no show there is no recovery or refund.