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Test your level of Spanish

Already learning some spanish? Do you want to test your level?

Take the free spanish test below and share the results with your friends!

The test consists of 25 questions, each question more difficult than the previous one. Once you finish, you will get an idea of your level. For those seeking to enroll in our courses, this test serves as the placement test for both immersion courses and online classes.

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How to interpret the results?

While this test does not intend to validate your knowledge of the language, the main objective is to give you an approximation of the level you are currently at. As you have already noticed, this test is not taking into consideration the other skills you have in the language such as listening or speaking.

We are constantly striving to improve our materials including resources online like this. Please consider the result of this test as a way to identify the areas of the language that you need to improve and/or the topics you should cover.

How to improve your score?

Well, there is no other way than studying more and more, the real question is how to study effectively?

Here you have 3 things you should definitely try:

– Try finding a Spanish native speaker who wants to learn your language, there are tons of resources online. We recommend italki for this purpose.

– Immerse yourself in the language by travelling to a Spanish speaking country, if that is not an option for whatever reason, you can always watch Netflix series with subtitles, listen to songs or try meetups, depending on the city you live in, you may find language exchanges where you meet people who speak the language you are learning

– Take proper lessons. This one is a big decision but if learning Spanish is a must for you, consider having a teacher who can take you all the way from beginner to fluent speaker. We encourage you checking our Spanish courses in Costa Rica or take lessons on Skype. We provide both options!

Where to take lessons?

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