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Spanish lessons on Skype

The quickest and most comfortable way to learn Spanish. Take lessons with native teachers. As many as you want, wherever you want and whenever you want.

The most comfortable way to learn Spanish

Tired of not solving all your doubts? Still struggling with confusing grammar? It is difficult to learn Spanish on your own, we get it. That’s why we have decided to bring all of our experience, teachers and traditional methods to online teaching. Our native teachers will help you achieve fluency really fast. Sign up now and start speaking in no time!

Why taking Spanish lessons online?

Learning Spanish is a must in today’s world. With more than 400 million native speakers and more than 100 million students, it is no wonder why so many companies and jobs regard this language as a huge plus. On the other hand, if you ever feel like experiencing the true culture of Latin America or Spain, you definitely need to speak Spanish. The problem is that many of us have our schedules full and it is difficult to personally go to a school, that’s why we have decided to bring our school to you, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Learning Spanish Online
Learning Spanish

Why learning with us?

We are not a teachers’ directory website, we don’t give you a random teacher; instead, we have brought our school online. All our experience, programs, methodology and teachers are now online through lessons on skype. The online teachers are the same as the ones who work at our school, the curriculum you are going to follow is the same that our students get when they come here. It is as though you came to our school, you will receive the exact same quality and learn just as much or even more.

Experienced teachers, proven methods, real practice.

All of our teachers are native speakers of Spanish and have many years of experience teaching the language at our own school here in Costa Rica. The lessons you are going to get are tailored to your needs and wants. Expect to receive high quality classes, follow a proven curriculum and achieve fluency real fast with the help of a native speaker. Start speaking today!

All the studying materials you need, no extra cost

One of the biggest advantages you get from taking online lessons with us is that you don’t have to rely on sketchy material, lose time finding resources on your own, having to buy expensive books or even worse, not having material to use. Through our years and years of experience, we have created our own material, perfected it and used it at our school with our students. When you sign up for online classes, you will get the exact same high quality material that we use every day at our school at no extra cost!

Our prices

Whether you want one hour or hundred, you are always in control of the time you want to put into your Spanish learning. All individual classes start at $20 USD per hour, you can pay for as many hours as you want. We recommend you to check the following packages:

5 hours pack

$19 / hour
  • Flexible schedule
  • Level placement test
  • Material included

Full level

$13 / hour
  • Flexible schedule
  • Level placement test
  • Material included
  • Certificate of completion

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum hours you have to take. You are free to choose and pay for only 1 hour or choose a full course (+50 hours)

You can pay using paypal or credit card (through transferwise)

Given that all of our teachers also work at our school, at the moment we can only offer lessons from 8 am to 8 pm (CST) from Monday to Saturday

Depending on your current understanding of the language, a full level is at least 50 hours of lessons, eg. If you are a total beginner, it will take you 50 hours to successfully pass A1 level. If you are an advanced learner, say starting B2, it will take you more than 100 hours to reach C1 level. In either case, if you decide to go for a full level, you need to pay in advance for the course at the rate of $13/hour. Any extra hour that you need or subsequent level that you decide to take will be charged at the $13/hour rate of the “full level” package.

Unlike our normal courses, there is no registration fee for the online lessons. You just pay for the amount of lessons you want to take and that’s it, you are good to start.

Ready to start speaking Spanish?